About Us
Symbiosis is a relationship between two people or groups that work with and depend on each other.

There could not have been a more apt name for our centre. We greatly value this relationship which has  given us the opportunity to meet so many people: those already working to those graduating from school; from a 16-year old to someone nearing 60; people with different cultural backgrounds who have much to share. We impart knowledge and help our students to obtain qualifications that subsequently get them jobs/enhance their existing careers/continue higher studies at university/open up migration opportunities. But the job satisfaction and happiness we get from their growth and progress is priceless.


We are a private limited company incorporated in January, 2004 and registered by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority. We also have an approved centre status from the Association of Business Executives, UK , and Learning Resource Network, UK.  From inception, we have been running professional award courses of various UK bodies including the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) and currently the courses of the Association of Business Executives. Our focus and specialization over the years have been in the field of “Management” and related subject areas. We have prepared students to graduate with diplomas and advanced diplomas, thereby providing a stepping stone for them to go on to top up and Masters degrees.

We also dispense short, non-award courses which can be customised as per the special requirements of corporates and which can be even held at their premises. Our most popular courses have been “ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System,” “ Customer Care/ Customer Relationship Management” and “Internal Auditing techniques for Laboratory and QMS” among others.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to train students from across Mauritius, to maximize their career prospects, through a holistic and thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is centered around 2 themes:

  • Accessibility: We aim to continue making professional courses at tertiary level accessible to one and all via a number of payment facility options that are already in place.
  • Leadership: We aspire to be a key player in the region in the field of management training and consultancy, building upon excellent service, resulting in positive word of mouth.
Our Values

Integrity – We treat our students and staff ethically, fairly, and honestly.
Teamwork – We celebrate and capitalize on the strengths and contributions of others.

Improvement – We constantly strive to raise our standards.
Service – We provide premier training and consultancy service.

Creativity – We stimulate discovery and encourage innovation, leading to more effective learning.
Learning – We cultivate lifelong learning.
Excellence – We strive for excellence in teaching by upholding high academic and professional standards.
Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions and empower others to do so as well.
Respect – We recognize and value the uniqueness, diversity and dignity of every individual.

Our Academic Partners