Customer Relationship Management

(MQA Approved and HRDC Refundable)

Duration : 18 hours.


  1. The characteristics of Customer service :
    • What is customer service? Reactive and proactive customer service.
    • Service quality- delighting the customer, service excellence and world class, moment of truth.
    • Getting customer opinions- Servqual
  2. Using customer service to gain competitive advantage:
    • Appreciate how organisations build long term customer loyalty. Customer retention, the loyalty ladder
    • Understand how one’s own behavior can send negative/positive messages to customers: The dos and don’ts
    • The golden rules of customer service.
  3. Impact of strategic choices on customer satisfaction.
    • Organising processes around customers
    • Organisational culture and empowerment
  4. Internal influences on Customer service
    • In-house versus outsourcing customer service function
    • Importance of process & technology in customer service.
    • Personalizing the customer experience and service level agreements
  5. Obtaining and dealing with customer feedback.
    • Communicating with internal and external customers
    • Informal and formal feedback
    • Questioning Techniques and active listening
    • Complaints- best practice in handling complaints: proactive & reactive approaches.
  6. Managing staff to create customer service excellence
    • Understand the causes of stress to both service providers and customers
    • Internal marketing- the internal marketing concept.
    • The service profit chain.
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